Album Review

Mina Cho enchants on new album 'Love Transformation'

Mina Cho - Love Transformation

Mina Cho is a renowned classical, Gospel, and jazz composer in Boston. Originally from Seoul, she went to study and graduate at the Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory of music. Her latest album, Love Transformation, consists of 12 original compositions that tackle the different forms of love.

The title track is sexy and flavorful with a progressive melody that is easy to listen to. The song’s rhythmic tendencies showcases the strength and beauty of each instrument present in the song. Running at roughly nine minutes, this track overflows with love and wonder. “Can You Hear My Humming” is solemn, dramatic, and heartfelt. The enchanting hums relaxes the soul. It explores spirituality and peace through the soft and gentle voice that blends well with the insightful music. It is captivating and alluring.

“Bounce It Up” is bold, groovy, and vibrant. It energizes its listeners through its bouncy tone and natural playfulness. The scat-singing present in this cut is entertaining and engaging. The song overflows with action that can deliver a positive effect to its listeners.

Overall, Love Transformation is a blazing effort that uniquely captures the theme of love, a love that continues to transform and comes in different forms, shapes, and can even change. Cho’s musical artistry and resourcefulness produces a masterpiece that can affect people in a spiritual and personal way. One will never find it difficult to be casually inclined in the album’s relaxed improvisations and mesmerizing identity.